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Andrew Murray has been running his own consultancy since 1985. Andrew Murray Consulting is active within many of the sectors of the food processing industry both in South Africa and in other countries.

Specialist fields include the processing of fruit, vegetable and dairy products particularly where such unit operations as heat exchange, pasteurisation or evaporation take place. The range of products and operations handled by AMC is, however, wide. Many projects undertaken to date have been for on-farm processors.

Because of strong ties (and proven working relationships) with a number of other consultants and research organisations in related fields such as food science and other areas of engineering, multi-disciplinary projects can and have been undertaken by AMC.

Andrew Murray also undertakes energy audits and hygienic design audits based on SANS 14159  and runs short courses in these fields.


African Products
Agricultural Research Council (IAE and Animal Products Inst) 
All Joy Foods
Ambro Group (Zambia)
Anglo American Farms (RFF) 
APV Group
Bishopstone (Zimbabwe)
Bliss Dairy 
Boletus Mushrooms 
Bonanza Dried Fruit
Bromor Foods (Cadbury)
Cereal and Malt-Extract
CSIR Foodtek (Bio/Chemtek)
Foodcorp (Zambia)
Frucon Foods
GEA Tuchenhagen
Glentham International 
Gulp Industries 
Hans Merensky Group (Westfalia)
Health Connection Wholefoods 
Hi-Di Goat Milk 
Irvin and Johnson
Ikwezi (for Northern Province)

King Foods
Lacsa (Illovo Sugar)
Langeberg Foods
Loxton Venn Associates
Lutzville Wingerde
McCain Foods
Metal Box
Miami Canners
Nandos Chickenland
National Dairy Equipment
Nutritional Foods
Pretoria Technikon
Pie Time (Botswana)
Dairy (Botswana)
Sally Williams Fine Foods
SAFA Juice
S A Breweries 
Schweppes (Zimbabwe)
Sunshine Oils
Tongaat Hulett Starch
University of Pretoria
West Lunga (Zambia)
WWB Inc.

Projects that have been undertaken include (amongst others):

Dairy processing

  • Commissioning of a goat milk powder plant
  • Design of a mini dairy concept
  • Dairy designs and feasibility studies
  • Preliminary design of a recombination system

Energy analysis

  • Energy audit of a malt plant
  • Energy analysis for dairy, meat, vegetable and fruit products (over 150 different products)


  • Evaporator servicing (dairy, CSL, juice, malt-extract)
  • Extension of a citrus evaporator
  • Modification of a grape juice evaporator
  • Modification and installation of tomato evaporators
  • Evaporator designs (milk, fruit juice, chicory extract)
  • Design and installation of a sulphur stripper for grape juice

Fruit and Vegetable Processing Plant

  • Design and installation of a complete avocado pulp line
  • Design and installation of mango and guava puree lines
  • Ongoing consultancy regarding tomato products
  • Factory audit - canning and fruit juice complex
  • Factory audit - mushroom canning
  • Design and feasibility of citrus and pineapple processing plants.
  • Preliminary design for blending and filling plant extensions
  • Deign and feasibility of fruit and vegetable multipurpose plants (including plants for Limpopo Province and Tete Province Mozambique)
  • Design of a carrot juice plant
  • Design of bleed off device for aseptic processing (patented)
  • Design and installation of an asparagus blancher
  • Design of operations for vegetable processing (freezing, minimal processing)
  • Audit of a cooling system
  • Hygienic audit of a concentrate blending and filling plant
  • Design and installation of a piping and CIP system for sauce products
  • Hygienic audit of a vegetable canning factory

Research, Market Reports and Legal Matters

  • Market for food processing plant in RSA
  • Market for fruit, vegetable and special crops.
  • Microwave technology
  • Impact of environmental legislation on the food industry
  • Legal investigations regarding carbonation of cider and freezing of meat
  • Rural development reports - fruit and dairy


  • Design of an essential oil still
  • Evaluation of a cassava starch plant and a complete mill
  • Design and installation of equipment for university test factories
  • Design and installation of a chicory extractor
  • Design and installation of a dry flavour blending facility
  • Design and installation of a water blending system for pharmaceuticals
  • Design of a liquorice evaporation system
  • Factory valuations
  • Analysis and costing of operations in a meat processing (research) factory
  • Design of a central kitchen for ethnic meals
  • Design of cutting machines for nougat and layout of a nougat factory
  • Trouble-shooting and auditing of squash and bottled water plants
  • Preliminary design for a ready meals facility
  • Layout design for a pie baking facility



BSc (Chem Eng) Degree from University of Cape Town (1969) 
Member of the SA Institute of Chemical Engineers
Professional Member of SAAFoST
Professional Member of the SA Society of Dairy Technology
Fellow of the SA Institute of Agricultural Engineers
(Registered) Professional Engineer

Completed courses in quality management systems auditing, food safety management auditing, Hygienic Engineering Design (CCFRA, UK) and energy management (AEE CEM)

2.         EMPLOYMENT

1985- PRESENT - Andrew Murray Consulting

As detailed above.


Lecturing to third and fourth year and post graduate students in the Dept of Food Science on various aspects of Food Engineering.   Subsequently External Examiner for courses in the Dept of Food Science.

1993 to 1995 and 2001 to 2002 - CSIR Foodtek

Part time consultant on engineering matters including undertaking a survey regarding trends in food processing equipment and work on continuous sterilizers.

1981 to 1984 APV GROUP (Various Positions incl. ENGINEERING MANAGER)

Responsible for up to seven engineers and supporting staff engaged in the specification, design, erection and commissioning of plant for the dairy, food and beverage industry -notably heat exchange and evaporation plant. 


Responsible, amongst other projects, for the design, erection, commissioning and operation of a 10 tph juice extraction and concentration plant.

1969 to 1970 BARNETT AND FOSTER (SA)

Assistant Factory Manager


Has contributed more than 100 articles to the local food industry, engineering and agricultural press. Contributed several sections to books on the subject of fluid flow.

Has conducted a major part of twentyone (2-5 day) courses for industry on aspects of food engineering (including in-house courses for Langeberg Foods, ESKOM, CSIR Foodtek, SA Breweries, Seychelles Brewery, NDE and Colman Foods) and also nine one/two-day courses on hygienic design of equipment and facilities (ECSA accredited).

Presented papers at SAAFoST, SAIAE, SASDT, NOSA and SAIChE national congresses and at other symposia. Awarded the silver medal of the SA Institute Agricultural Engineers for the best publication of 1995. Invited speaker to the 9th International Congress on Engineering and Food (ICEF9), Montpellier 2004. Chaired three conferences on aspects of food safety.

Was a member ofthe organising committee of the 1991 SAAFoST Congress. A member for several years of the education sub-committee of SASSDA. Chairman for several years of the Farm Product Processing Interest Group. Committee member of the International Society of Food Engineering (www.iufost.org/isfe). Member of StanSA TC 5140.25 - Hygiene practices in the food industry (responsible for SANS 10330 and 10049) and TC242 tasked with Energy Management Standards.. Council member of SAAFoST (2008-9).

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BEE Status

Level 4 Contributer

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Andrew Murray is certified by the Association of Energy Engineers as a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) and as a Measurement and Verification Professional

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